We develop automated washing solutions

About us

Envirologic AB is a Swedish company with more than 20 years of experience in developing automated washing robots, and has been a listed company since 2014. We also hold patents in several European countries, North America, and Australia.

More than 50% of Swedish pig producers own a washing robot from Envirologic. Today, our robot has been delivered to 30 different countries.

Internationally, we mainly work with distributors and agents. Behind Envirologic stands a fantastic team, dedicated to always providing customers with world-class automated washing solutions. We are also proud that all production and development takes place in our premises in Uppsala

Made in Sweden

Almost all components on the EVO Cleaner are manufactured by and purchased from Swedish suppliers. 65% of the welding takes place inhouse.

Delivering high-quality washing robots that work in harsh environments is very important to us. Therefore, every single robot undergoes a quality test based on a 63 point checklist before delivery. One of the points requires testing the robot at 300 bar for 5 minutes to ensure that all hoses and connections are completely tight.


Brilliant idea

In the mid-1990s one of our founders traveled around Sweden, Norway and Finland building and repairing animal barns. At one point he met a person covered in dirt, with bloodshot eyes, shivering from fever. It was apparent that the person had just finished washing pig barns manually. Realizing what a hazardous working environment this was, the idea of developing a washing robot began to grow.


Ramsta Robotics

The company Ramsta Robotics was founded in 1994 by Jan Sandberg, Bjarne Graff and Anders Lif. The name was chosen after the place Ramsta, which is located a little outside Uppsala.


Clever Cleaner

In the autumn of 2001, we launched our first washing robot, Clever Cleaner. It was very well received and drew great international interest. It also won several awards at different agricultural events.


Listed company

In 2014, we went public and changed our name to Envirologic AB – what we are called today. The name is a combination of the two English words “Environment and logic”, which signifies that we aspire to improve people’s working environment.


EVO Cleaner

In 2017, we launched our next generation washing robot – EVO Cleaner. The reception it received was a repeat of our previous robot’s success 16 years earlier.


Go Cleaner

In the fall of 2022, The Go Cleaner – a washing robot especially developed for washing broiler houses was launched. 



Our vision for the future is to eliminate all non-essential manual washing.

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