EVO Cleaner

Your washing robot for pig barns

Modernize your washing routines

The EVO Cleaner is a unique and patented washing robot developed for washing pig barns. The robot streamlines and enables automated washing around the clock. With a simple joystick, you easily teach the robot the optimal washing routines, completely designed according to your specific barn interior and washing needs.

The routines only need to be programed once and are stored both locally and in the cloud. The washing routines can easily be adapted to match the conditions in each individual pen. The possibility to focus the washing in areas where it is most needed, makes the EVO Cleaner a time, cost, and water efficient choice. The EVO Cleaner can work around the clock and will send you an SMS when it is done with the job.

Benefits of the EVO Cleaner

The robot can wash around the clock. This allows for more efficient washing and longer drying time.

Due to its flexible and precise movements, the robot has
a low water consumption. Approximately 14.5 l/minute.

The robot´s movements can be customized using the
joystick. For example, to focus more on the dirtier areas
of the pen instead of washing all areas uniformly. This
saves both time and water.

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