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Go Cleaner

Your washing robot for poultry barns

Fully automated washing 24/7

No human presence is needed while the Go Cleaner carries out the washing. When finished, it will notify you by sending a text message.

The Go Cleaner is a fully automated washing robot specifically developed for washing broiler houses. The newly developed indoor GPS system enables exact positioning and facilitates the robot’s ability to move freely in the room without human presence. The Go Cleaner’s seven degrees of freedom makes it possible to wash everything, from floors and ceilings to feed and water lines. In addition, the Go Cleaner will keep you updated on its status by communicating via SMS.

Benefits of the Go Cleaner

A healthy and prosperous staff produces healthy and thriving animals, which in turn leads to improved production results and increased profitability.

Reduced human presence in farms can prevent exposure to potential infections. External companies increase the risk of spreading infections. By using a washing robot and thereby reducing the number of humans on the farm, you will have a positive impact on the farm’s biosecurity. Keeping infections out of the farm has a vital impact on the farm’s finances and continued existence.

Manual washing of poultry barns is hazardous to human health. Inhalation of organic dust and exposure to vibration and static loads can lead to chronic diseases at a young age. By minimizing manual washing, you can reduce both sick leave and staff turnover.

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