EVO Cleaner

Free up time for other things by modernising your washing routines


The pigs welfare is key to a profitable production.

By using a washing robot the risk of infectious spreading, potentially brought by external washing companies is reduced.  It also ensures a clean and healthy environment for the next group of pigs.

Working environment

Washing pig barns is unhealthy and extremely wearing on the body.

Letting a washing robot do the work leads to better staff health, leading to a number of positive effects in the long run, e.g. reduced staff turnover and more time for supervising the pigs.


The economic benefits permeate the entire production.

A healthy and prosperous staff produces healthy and prosperous pigs, ultimately leading to improved production results. With reduced staff turnover, low water consumption and reduced costs for manual washing, the robot will quickly become a good financial investment.

Washing robot for pig barns

EVO Cleaner is a unique and patented washing robot developed for pig barns. The robot streamlines and enables automatic washing around the clock. With easy joystick learning you teach the robot the optimal washing routine, completely designed according to your specific barn interior and washing needs.

The teach-ins only need to be done once and is stored both locally and in the cloud. The washing routines can easily be modified to match the conditions in each individual pen. This possibility to focus the washing where it is needed, makes the EVO Cleaner a both time-, cost- and water-efficient option. EVO Cleaner can work around the clock and will send you a text message when finished.


Joystick learning

With a clear interface and a joystick, it is easy to teach the robot how to wash independently



4G/wifi connection to the internet enable updates, backups, support and alarm function via SMS.


Low water consumption

Thanks to the smooth and precise movements the robot has a low water consumption, approx. 14.5 L / minute.


Wash 24/7

The robot can wash around the clock, which enables more efficient washing leading to longer drying times.

Built in quality material

EVO Cleaner is developed and produced in Sweden. To handle harsh environments the robot is built in quality materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and maintenance-free bearings.

EVO Cleaner requires minimal maintenance, but we recommend that the robot undergoes an annual service. With proper care you will be able to enjoy your robot for at least 10 years.

Technical specifications

Total width: 680 mm / 26,8 in
Total width with special wheels: 610 mm / 24,02 in
Total length incl. guidance wheels: 2100 mm / 83 in
Total height when retracted: 1610 mm / 63,4 in
Effective working range: approx. 6 m / 236 in with double nozzle
Frame: Stainless steel
Power supply: Battery (30-40h)
Weight: 270 kg / 595 lb
Guidance wheels: Removable/reversable
Alarm device: Via internet, 4G/wifi
Hose couplings: Stainless steel
High pressure hose on reel: Length 50 m, Ø 3/8"
Required water pressure: 180-220 bar / 2610-3190 psi
Required water flow: 15-18 liter/min / 4-4,8 gpm

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