Pipe Cleaner

Increase profitability quickly without any extra effort



A very simple but powerful way of performing a production-increasing task.


Easy access

Rotor nozzle with a 3.3 m long hose that can wash up to the valve.



Enables you to perform the task in a correct ergonomic position leading to a better work environment.


Work independently

The product’s handy on/off function makes it possible to perform the task on your own.

The importance of having clean feeding pipes

Mould- and bacterial growth is common inside feeding pipes. Especially when the room is empty, and the feed system is temporary out of use. An already sensitive piglet should not spend their first days on its own eating mouldy feed.

Weaning diarrhoea and the reduced growth of both weaning- and finisher pigs represent a significant loss of income. This can be avoided with improved feed hygiene. Tests also show that washing the inside of feed pipes can reduce the risk of farrowing fever radically.

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