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Envirologic AB (publ)

We are a Swedish company with over 20 years of experience developing robot-automated washing solutions. Since 2014 we are also a listed company. We hold patents in multiple European countries, North America and Australia. Among Swedish pig producers, 44% of farmers use a washing robot from us and we have active robots in over 20 different countries. We mainly work with distributors and agents internationally, but we have an associated company in Denmark, Envirologic ApS. Behind Envirologic stands a fantastic team, dedicated to develop and establish automated washing solutions in markets all over the world. We are also proud to say that all production and development takes place in our premises in Uppsala, Sweden.

Camilla Forslund


Claes Stigestad


David Nordström Englund

Head of Production

Elin Ringborg

Head of Sales & Marketing

Henrik Hagman


Jini Nälsén

Head of Business Development

Joachim Petersson

Service & Support

Johan Bolin

Product Manager & Head of Development

José A. Villaverde

Sales & Marketing

Lars Nilsson

Service & Support

Maher Aqel


Marcus Englund


Martin Pamrin

Chief Executive Officer

Sara Soltaniah


Per Johansson

Service & Support

Per Alonso


Ida Ronholt

Sales & Marketing


In the mid-1990s one of our founders travelled around Sweden, Norway and Finland building and repairing animal barns. Through his work he came in contact with a person covered in dirt with reddened eyes and shivering with fever. It turned out that the person had just finished washing pig barns manually. Realising what a terrible and unhealthy working environment this meant, the idea of developing a washing robot started to grow.

In the autumn of 2001 we launched our first washing robot. It was very well received and drew great international interest as well, winning awards at different agriculture events. In 2017 we launched a new generation washing robot – EVO Cleaner. The launch was a re-run of our previous robot’s success 16 years earlier.

Made in Sweden

Almost all details on our EVO Cleaner are manufactured by and purchased from Swedish suppliers. We also do 65% of the welding ourselves.

Delivering high-quality washing robots, able to work in harsh environments is very important to us. Therefore, every single robot undergoes a checklist with 63 quality points before delivery. One of the points includes testing the robot at 300 bar for 5 minutes to ensure that all hoses and connections are completely tight.

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