Our products

Our fully automatic washing robots makes it easier and cheaper to maintain a clean grossly in contaminated areas. The machines can wash on its own for up to two days in a row. The secret is our unique control system where you can easily program the robot by using a joystick. You only need to make the schedule once. If you have several different areas, you easily add more schemes in the program.

With minor adjustments, our products can easily be used for tasks in other branches where it is too expensive or hazardous to use human labor. Today, our products are active in several malting companies in Europe, in a cement plant, the wind turbine manufacturer Vestas for the washing of vehicles, at a manufacturer of heating elements in Germany for washing the molds etc. Tests show that the robot, with its more than four meters long arm that reach almost everywhere, is cleaning up to 80-85% and the work is done within a fraction of the time for manual labor. In addition to reduced labor costs, users of our robot count values of improved working environment, attractive workplace, healthier staff and increased productivity.

You never have to worry about leaving your robot unattended. If something is to happen, for example an object is the way of the robot arm, the robot stops its work immediately with a comprehensive alarm management that is built into the control program. Connect this to a caller if you want the robot to alert to your cell phone, home phone or personal visitors – or all of it. Clever Cleaner alert you to wherever you are.